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Qlippie mini HD Camera Review

Are you a YouTube vlogger looking for options for recording first person point of view? If so, I know you’ve probably considered a GoPro; however, a GoPro isn’t the only wearable camera option. Let me introduce use to the Qlippie mini HD camera.

The Qlippie is small in size, but still packs a mighty punch that can significantly upgrade your vlog status. The camera is quality on par with the average smartphone. The mic is actually decent, and you won’t look like an idiot wearing it strapped across your chest or on your head like a GoPro. Due to the camera being so small and discreet, you can position it in several awkward places to get great video shots like YouTube Jaime Perkins does in the Jaime and Nikki vlogs.

I love clipping this on a shirt pocket, purse strap, and even a backpack strap. I also love that you can use the included stickers to dress up the body of the camera. That’s the fashionable side of me.

Qlippie mini HD camera.

Small in Size, Big in Attitude.

A dressable and literally wearable camera!

Its clip-and-go hands-free design is made possible with its ultra lightweight and small build – and it’s incredibly easy-to-use!

You can use it as a Life Logging Camera to help yourself discover life’s daily exciting moments and events!

With its integrated battery you can achieve 2.75 hours of continuous video recording and with its 32GB flash memory you can store up to 12 hours of HD video or 5000 photos.

This incredibly small camera packs a heavy punch with its 1080p at 60fps full-HD video recording option.

With its 12 different decorative stickers, your camera will match your clothes or your mood every day!

With Qlippie APP, you can control the camera from your smartphone and use built-in filters to enhance your images and one-click to share your life moments to social platforms.


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