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Eve and the Apple

Product Red Black Screen

I really like the look of the Product Red iPhone, more so the back and not the front. Apple knows damn well that people want the product red black screen look. But I guess the name of the game is to keep the people wanting more. But I’m not going to keep playing these games with Apple. After watching Jonathan Morrison and Unbox Therapy, I decided that I would go ahead and purchase a red iPhone skin from Dbrand.

I tend to follow instructions very well; however, I had problems installing this skin.

I was able to get the main part of the skin to look flawless, but I could not get the corners to align for a seamless look.

Apple really needs to put me out of my misery (as I’m not a good DIYer) and release the Product Red with a black face (product red black screen). Guess I’ll have to continue playing the game the way Apple intends for me to play it.


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