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Milkyway Review: ABCDE for EFFORT – F for FAIL

Sigh. I must give Milkyway iPhone cases an E for Effort, but boy oh boy do they take the F for fail!


Milkyway is the phone case company that makes the very cute cell phone cases that you typically see ads for on Instagram and Facebook. The printing of the case design is printed in-house on the back of the case, and their cases are typically recently priced around $15.99 – $16.99. Somewhere in that range.


I made a video a few weeks ago about the hustle‘ case that I got from Milkyway. I had the case for about four months, but I only used the case for maybe three to four weeks because I often change my cases. The problem that I had with my Milkway case is that the print started coming off the case, and I was rarely using the case.

So what did I do? I posted my frustration on Instagram and tagged Milkyway.


Well, Milkyway saw what I had to say on Instagram and they left a comment asking me to email them about the issue so that they could take care of it. My immediate thought, Milkyway has really good customer service.

I emailed Milkyway, and they said they would send me a replacement case, but they needed my order number.

I give them my order number.

Resolution Fail

If you have my order number, you know what I ordered. Right? And you specifically said that you’re sending me a replacement case. Right? In my mind, that means that you’re sending me an identical case.

Well, I guess it doesn’t work like that…

Milkyway iPhone cases

Watch my YouTube video to see what type of case they sent me, and how you can win the case!


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