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Cute and Girly iPhone Cases

Milkyway Case – 4 Months Later

4 months have passed since I unboxed my Milkyway case in attempts to discover whether Milkyway cases were protective. Milkway prints their designs directly on the back of the case, cute designs might I add. That’s really pretty much their selling point because their cases do not provide much protection. Yes, the case has a slight raised bezel, but not enough to where I’d be comfortable dropping my phone (well no one should ever feel comfortable enough to where they would want to purposely drop their phone).

I was initially pleased with my Milkyway Case Review and felt confident recommending the case to those who weren’t necessarily concerned with protection in exchange for cute girly designs.


I didn’t use the case for the entire duration of the 4 months that have passed. After I received the case in December, I used it for about a week. I didn’t use it at all in January or February, but then I put it on for maybe the last two weeks of March up until April 6th.

It’s clear that the case is for decoration purposes only and not protection; however, I had no idea that the decoration would wear off so quickly. The printing is actually coming off of the case where I typically place my hand to hold the phone.

It’s such a shame because Milkyway has very cute cases. But what’s the point of a cute case if it won’t be cute anymore after a few weeks of use?


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