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How to Store Apple Watch Bands

As a recent Apple watch owner, I have been pondering how to store Apple watch bands. In my quest for the perfect Apple watch case, I was able to team up with TYD, a case vendor, and received a generous discount on their Smart Watch and Electronics Accessories Case in exchange for an honest review. Cross your fingers that my search has come to an end. Let’s see shall we?

Amazon Description

GREAT STORAGE AND TRAVEL CASE – Keep smart watch bands and accessories in one consolidated organized case to save time along with space when traveling and switching your watches look.
DURABILITY AND PROTECTION – High quality Ballistic Nylon case exterior and soft microfiber velvet interior; prevent scratches, dents, and water damage to your smartwatch, cords, and watch bands.
FITS APPLE WATCHS, FITBIT BLAZE, HUAWEI, etc. – Capability to hold up to 12 different watch bands within the four deep custom molded eva foam compartments. Elastic straps and interior mesh pockets for storage. Have the flexibility to have all your watch options with you whenever you are on the move.
STYLISH AND PORTALBE – Choose from a variety of different exterior options, enjoy the ease of use rubber grip zipper hands, grab and go using the case’s wristlet handle. Be fashionable, practical and organized.
PERFECT GIFT FOR APPLE WATCH OWNERS – For the Apple Watch owner who has everything. For the smart watch owner who enjoys organization.

How To Store Apple Watch Bands

How to Store Apple Watch Bands

Sectioned off into 3 different compartments, the TYD Dream Case bares a very sleek design:

  1. cable and cord accessories
  2. electronic pouch
  3. smartwatch components

On the smartwatch component side, there are specific cutouts for your watch bands, the adapter, and the watch face itself. I like that the electronic pouch acts as a separator because the back of the pouch serves as a protector for the watch face to prevent scratches.

As noted in the Amazon description, this particular case is advertised as fitting the Apple watch and the Fitbit Blaze. It is not suited for the 38mm version of the Apple watch in my opinion; however, it is a perfect fit for the 42mm version based on the way my Fitbit Blaze fits into the watch face cutout. I’m a tad bit picky so I know that this factor will definitely bother me. The 38mm watch is going to move around from side to side when carrying this case. Yes, the face will be protected with padding, but it still somewhat bothers me.

The cable and cord side reminds me of a Grid-It. I absolutely love Grid-Its so this is a plus.

Perhaps I spoke too soon. I cannot fit the Fitbit Blaze charger into the security netting on the cable and cord side. Since the case is also advertised for the FitBit Blaze, I feel as though the Blaze’s charger should fit. Too much to ask for?

As far as the electronic pouch, it’s handy; however, you do not want to put anything in it that will create a large bulge. Anything that bulges in the pouch has the potential to cause difficulty in closing the case.

Testing 123

I zipped up the case and vigorously shook it to see just how well things would stay in place. Everything stayed in place when I opened the case from the front.

How to Store Apple Watch Bands

If you open the case on the wrong side the smartwatch components will be out of place.

The Verdict

The TYD Dream Case can be a viable option if you are looking for a method on how to store Apple watch bands. It’s a really good case especially if you do not have a lot of watch bands. If you have a massive collection, you wouldn’t be able to store every band in this case. Currently, I only have 4 watch bands so this case is doable. With that being said, I do think that I am going to continue my search for 2 reasons:

  • growth of watch band collection
  • perfect fit for the 38mm Apple watch face


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