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Eve and the Apple

Frayed Lightning Cable

Dear Apple: I don’t know anyone okay with trash except for Oscar the Grouch. An Apple frayed lightning cable is too common place. It’s pretty much a necessity to purchase a 3rd party lightning cable as soon as you purchase an iPhone. Your beautifully clean white stores showcase these 3rd party accessories because you know that the lightning cable you put in the box is garbage. Numerous people take to googling “how to fix frayed lightning cable.” There’s only so much electrical tape a person can apply to the cable. I know that the only answer to “how to prevent frayed lightning cable” cannot be purchase another company’s product. Please rethink… No scratch the please. Rethink how you design your cables! You are supposed to be the OG. The innovator. I understand that you have the Apple Lightning Cable Replacement Program; however, if you were handling business, there would be no need. You have essentially placed a bandaid on a gaping wound which requires stitches. I expect Samsung to be lazy. Not Apple.

Oscar the Grouch waiting on you to buy an iPhone so he can get that Apple Lightning Cable

Oscar the Grouch waiting on you to buy an iPhone so he can get that Apple Lightning Cable

What We Know:
Apple’s lightning cables don’t last long. Expect the cable to fray.

Apple Cable Stages that lead to Frayed Lightning Cable. How to prevent frayed lightning cable?

What You May Not Know:
There are tons of great lightning cables you can buy for your iPhone in places you least expect.

How to Fix Frayed Lightning Cable

Think about it. The easiest fix to a frayed cable is to prevent frayed cables by purchasing cables that do not fray. Who really has time for the Apple Lightning Cable Replacement Program?!

How to Prevent Frayed Lightning Cable

In my travels, I found that some of the best tech can be purchased in unexpected places. TJMaxx has some of the best Apple lightning cables for a fraction of the costs.

In addition, you can even find brand name cell phone cases at TJ Maxx without the brand name price tag. There are also cell phone cases that look identical to some of the bigger name case brands.


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