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Casetify Cute and Girly iPhone Cases

Casetify Classic Grip Case (Part 1)

As a millennial looking for the next big thing to make me stand out from the rest, I can tell you that the Casetify brand encompasses everything that a millennial would want. With Casetify, you get a unique product with trendy designs. Style’s a very subjective thing. And, you know that I have it so let me introduce you to my newest Casetify Classic Grip case!


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Casetify Classic Grip Case

The Casetify Classic Grip case is made of premium quality materials to not only protect your smartphone, but to add extra elegance to the phone as well. Despite giving protection, the case is slim and adds nothing more than a few millimeters to the phone’s thickness.

The translucent plastic back allows your iPhone color choice to show. This is especially important if you purchased a Rose Gold or Product Red iPhone as it would really be pointless not to show off your color selection.

The bumper is made of rubber with a perfect fit for the volume rocker and power button. The hole for the sound profile slider on the left of the phone and the holes for the port and loudspeakers at the bottom of the phone are perfectly sized as well. The rubber bumper also provides grip keeping the case from slipping out of your hand.


The artist of this particular case is Lyubomir Dochev. He has different skin tones in his collection so you can easily find something representative of you.

casetify classic grip


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