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Casetify Cute and Girly iPhone Cases

Casetify Classic Grip Case (Part 2)

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I absolutely love Casetify’s iPhone cases! I have tried out several iPhone cases, and finding one that I want to keep using day after day is a fairly rare occurrence that I revel in. I truly believe that a Casetify case is a gem to look at and use, and my new Casetify Classic Grip case does not disappoint.

me when I find a cute, protective, DAILY case

I now own 5 Casetify cases, and I adore every single case. The only reason I rotate between the 5 is because the designs are so beautiful; therefore, I can’t just commit to one. I guess you can say I have commitment issues.

And yes, I paid for each case. Casetify, do you want to sponsor me? I would be honored to work with you!

What’s So Great About Casetify?

  • Quality Case
  • Great Protection
  • Cute Designs

Seriously, Casetify equals quality. Not only will the case itself last, so will the printed design on the case. I have had other cases, Milkyway since I feel like being petty, where the printed design rubbed off where I place my hand on the case when talking on the phone within a matter of weeks. I purchased my first Casetify case in November 16, and the printed design is still as good as new.

While I have not purposely dropped my phone to test Casetify’s protection, I have had a few mishaps here and there. I can walk around with my Casetify cases just as confident as I can walk around with a Case-Mate.

My Casetify Classic Grip Cases

Casetify Classic Grip Case

My Casetify Collection

Casetify = GOAT, Greatest of All Time

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