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Casetify City Collection: DTLA Impact Resistant Case

In the city accustomed to the fast life? The Casetify City Collection is definitely for you! A Casetify DTLA Impact Resistant Case is a military grade protective iPhone case built for those that constantly demand mobility, innovation and individuality.

The Casetify DTLA Impact Resistant Case is incredibly strong. I was not exactly expecting this, but it is a pleasant surprise. I am by no means familiar with military grade strength. Casetify claims that this case has a military grade rating of MIL STD 810G-516.6, and I am taking their word for it. Not because they are Casteify. But because I have had a mishap while sporting this case on my iPhone. I dropped my phone on concrete. Two years ago, I dropped my phone on concrete while rocking a dual protective case from Case-Mate that was in the $60 range. The verdict was a shattered iPhone screen. This time, the verdict was wiping dirt off the screen. Impressive! And only $49 spent!

I am quite amazed that this case provides so much protection in a relatively thin package, yet stylish case. I mean, this case isn’t as thin as most minimalistic cases, but it’s definitely not bulky like an OtterBox.

The inner design of the case utilizes a material called qìtech™ which is a rather new milestone in the era of innovative iPhone case designs. Basically what qìtech™ does is it absorbs shock when you drop your phone which stops your iPhone from taking on any damage.

Casetify DTLA Impact Resistant Case

This shockproof material is fine-tuned to create optimal protection through its superior impact resistance and shock absorption qualities. The rigid crystalline structure adds extra durability and depth to withstand high temperature transitions.

Designed to Work with Wireless Chargers
You will be able to enjoy the convenience of wireless charging without having to remove your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X from this case. No compromising fashion for functionality here.

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