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Best Free Fonts for YouTube Thumbnails

I frequently see small YouTubers asking what font a popular YouTuber is using on his/her thumbnail. It doesn’t always have to be about fonts popular YouTubers use because to be honest, their thumbnails may not be best practices or may just be plain ole ugly. Keep reading to find out the six (6) best free fonts for YouTube thumbnails.

It’s very important to use fonts that are readable. What’s the point of using a font if it is hard to read? With that being said, be very careful with script fonts! My best practice is to only use one word on your thumbnail in a script font for emphasis if necessary. Do not put every word on your thumbnail in script font. That’s plain tacky.

Best Free Fonts for YouTube Thumbnails

These fonts are FREE (at the time that I am making this post).

If the fonts are no longer free, simply Google the name of the font to search for a free download. I will not continuously update the links. Google was my friend, and it is your friend as well!


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