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Apple Accessory for MacBook Lineup – Embrishop Glitter MacBook Case Review

I am always looking for new Apple Accessories for MacBook Pro and iPad Pro. My search has turned up a great product that you should add to your collection – Embrishop Glitter MacBook Case.

Embri Glitter MacBook Case

I stumbled upon this beautiful champagne gold glitter MacBook case at the Embrishop which is to die for. Talk about love at a first sight! Pictures definitely do not do it justice.

In the past I have had maybe two or three no-name brand cases from Amazon, a case by Speck, and a case by Tech 21.  All which broke after three months of wear and tear. And I am no where near rough with my MacBook Pro. It was too much money to not give it TLC.

When I first browsed the Embrishop, I thought, there’s no way a case so stylish and cute is going to do any better than the cases I already had. For $48, the Embri case was on par with $49.95 Speck case, and it was significantly cheaper than Tech 21’s $99.95 Impact Snap case.

Embrishop Glitter MacBook Case Review

I must say that purchasing from Embrishop was a wise choice. I am more than impressed with the design, craftsmanship, and quality of the case. The top portion of Embrishop champagne gold glitter MacBook case has a cutout to allow your Apple logo to shine through, and this piece features glitter with a smooth glossy finish which ensures that there will be absolutely no glitter fallout. Slay!!

Crafted with durable rubberized plastic and PU leather for maximum protection from bumps, scratches, and every day wear and tear, this case is definitely a winner. The case isn’t minimalistic thin, but it isn’t bulky either. It’s a happy medium with a bonus of sturdy. You’re getting 360 degree outer protection with easy access to all of your MacBook’s ports. And on top of the basics, you’re getting a case that is so classy, chic, and gorgeous!

It has now been 5 months with my case. It’s used daily, and it has outlasted all of my other cases. Absolutely no scratches, dings, or any signs of wear and tear.

I have received numerous compliments as it has taken my MacBook Pro from pretty to stunning. I admire it daily.

This case is available for the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air.



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